From Blockhead to Plan B, Goldfish to Fully Flared; to compliment the 18-page Rick Howard Chrome Ball interview for Closer Skateboarding Issue #5, Manolos Tapes curated a mega-mix of Rickk through the ages.

Rick Howard for Closer Skateboarding Issue #5 | Mixtape by Manolos Tapes

Videography by: Dave Bergthold, Mike Ternasky, Dave Schlossbach, Jacob Rosenberg, Socrates Leal, Spike Jonze, Tim Dowling, Aaron Meza, Dan Wolfe, Federico Vitetta, Chris Ray, Ty Evans

Footage originally seen in: Blockhead Skateboards: Splendid Eye Torture & Adventures In Cheese (1989); Plan B Skateboards: Questionable (1992) & Virtual Reality (1993); Girl Skateboards & Chocolate Skateboards: Goldfish (1994), Las Nuevo Vidas De Paco (1995), Mouse (1997), The Chocolate Tour (1999), Yeah Right! (2003); FTC: Penal Code 100A (1996); TransWorld Skateboarding: Modus Operandi (2000); Chomp On This (2002); Dan Wolfe: Closure (2003); Lakai: Fully Flared (2007)

Music: “Grey Cell Green” by Ned’s Atomic Dustbin (Bite, 1990), “Ballad For Joe (Louis)” by The Crusaders (Southern Comfort, 1974), “Back Stabbers” (Instrumental) by The O’Jays (Back Stabbers, 1972), “Silhouettes” by Dick Walter (Sound Stage 3: Thematic Scenarios – Pastoral/Scenic, 1981)

Special thanks: Jacob Rosenberg

The opening spread to Rick Howard's Chrome Ball interview for Closer Skateboarding Issue #5 featuring a portrait of Rick being punched the face accompanied by an introduction from Brian Anderson. On the opposite spread are various photographers of Howard from over the years.

CLoser skateboarding

Issue #5

featuring …


alongside …

First Things First: Steve Rodriguez on The Brooklyn Banks, Clyde Singleton’s Greatest Skate Shoes, Skateboarder’s Business CArds, Jim Goodrich, Riders: NAtas KAupas & MOre, Dick Rizzo by Chris Nieratko, The Long Play With Mason Silva, ‘Control’ photo feature

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