With a constant output of iPhone footage that’s as renowned as his video parts, Kevin “Spanky” Long’s productivity is a thing of wonder. After speaking to Spanky for Closer Issue #2, we rounded up his greatest cell phone hits from over the past couple of years and compiled then into one master tape, complete with some behind the scenes commentary from Kevin on how those mini-movies come together.

Pick up Closer #2 for the full interview with Spanky – “Character Witness” – discussing his dual role as a pro skateboarder and art director at Baker Skateboarders. Grab one of the remaining copies (and find the most recent issues of Closer here or find it at your local shop here.

Edit & Interview: Farran Golding

Artwork & Titles: Kevin “Spanky” Long

Filmed by: Justin Reynolds, Kyle Siedler, and many of Spanky’s friends

Music: “Oh Brother” by The Fall & “The Closer You Are” by Frank Zappa

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