CLOSER SKATEBOARDING will be a quarterly, premium paper skate magazine and my full-time passion project to continue my 20 years in the skate media industry of telling the story of skateboarding in all the shapes and forms that it comes in. Skateboarding has always been close to my heart and I want to continue bringing it closer to everyone that shares in that same love. This magazine will be filled with the most respected and legendary contributors that I’ve befriended through the years to bring a premium all-inclusive skateboard magazine that celebrates the true spirit of skateboarding. It will give the marginalized outcast skaters and under represented a voice right along side some of the biggest names in skateboarding. Each issue will include travel features and profiles from skateboarding’s elite brands and skaters including legends of yesteryear and some of most the prolific future stars of tomorrow. It will lean more heavily into a more mature skater audience that wants to read and see stories from their childhood heroes, but will always find room to introduce the next wave of skaters to them as well. CLOSER will also provide a space for authentic creators, personalities, visionaries, and authoritative voices of skateboarding culture to inspire every generation of skaters. And while the print component will be the foundation of the brand, expanding the audience in the social and digital worlds will be a priority too. Exclusive video content that expands upon the topics and skaters featured in the magazine will give the audience more content to engage with between the print issues.

I’m very proud of the work I did for Skateboarder Magazine and TransWorld SKATEboarding over the past two decades and will use that knowledge and experience to continue to pour my heart and soul into every aspect of this new venture.


  1. Fuck!! This sounds so sick!! As an older skater ( 43 years old ) I feel ostracized by today’s skate culture and have felt this way for some time now… Stoked to see the first issue!!

  2. I’m super excited for you! It’s cool for me, and our other siblings, to see you take this well deserved next step. Everyone should be so lucky to love their job, while bringing extreme pleasure to others! ❤️

  3. We’ve met at Clem’s, it was cool meeting you. Just got back from Tampa Pro and got the 1st issue. It’s amazing. I was stoked to see a friend of mine featured. Sent a copy for Lookback Library! I love skate magazines.

  4. Got my issue and so stoked reminded me of getting my first TWS or Thrasher, I couldn’t put it down. Thanks for the great memories looking forward to watching this grow. How do we sign up for multi year subscriptions now? Great Job all.

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